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Start Bonus

Event will last 2 weeks: December 24 — January 7

During the event, the base experience gained from monsters will increase by the value specified in the table (base rate).

Lv. 1-60 → 400% EXP/SP
Lv. 61-75 → 300% EXP/SP
Lv. 76-82 → 200% EXP/SP
Lv. 82 and above → 0% EXP/SP (no change)

Free Starter Kit

For new players, a Kit: Sylph's New Adventure can be bought from L-Store for 1 Adena, and will provide you with all the consumables and resources you need to farm.

Supplies Kit

The road ahead can be difficult, and for this reason we want to give you a helping hand!

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