This version of Lineage is ideal for a single player. Each of the classes is independent, and the automatic quest allows you to level up easily. You can also join a clan or create your own. The game is no longer just about castle sieges, but new PvP and PvE activities have been added, which are designed for each of the clans.
What is the Improved version of Essence?
Improved Essence is the Lineage 2 version created by Innadril Team which is modern and innovative, receives regularly updates and finds solutions to all problems you may encounter on the retail version.

At Innadril we also design the game concept, and try to solve from our point of view the most problematic game mechanics and concepts in order to provide the most fair and balanced game in every sense possible.
Craft System & Classic Economy
  • The economy is back to Essence!
  • Crafting system is back with a modern touch!
  • In order to craft equipment visit the Special Craft window!
  • Hunt monsters in order to obtain resources.
  • Drop and Spoil materials in order to craft equipment.
  • Trade with other players or set your shop at town areas.
No Pay to Win
  • Minimized the impact of money in the gameplay.
  • Redesigned L-Store where adena is the main currency.
  • Players are able to farm L-Coins by hunting monsters.
  • Only C-Grade gear will be available on the Starter Pack.
  • B-Grade gear and above will only be obtainable through game content.
  • Boosts and equipment will only be available for adena or events.
  • Boosts (Aden Talisman, Eva Talisman, Cloak, etc) are only available for adena or events.
    Basically, your wallet will only provide you confort but not a big advantage in the gameplay.
Improved PK System
PK System has been always one of the weak points of Essence since players could PK everybody without any kind of penalty.

We introduced Recovery System. Players who're killed while being in PK status will lose up to 3 items. If the PK decides to pay a fee in adena to recover the items, the killer will receive a percentage of the fee as bounty.

In result, killer gets rewarded and PK gets punished, but at the same time nobody lose items. Everybody happy!

Innovative and user-friendly Add-Ons
At Innadril we work very hard to redesign our client in order to become more user-friendly and unique. We've added the following changes to our client:
  • Added Party Tokens back from old chronicles.
  • Redesigned Clan window in order to bring back old Clan War system.
  • A completely redesigned Auto-Enchant system.
  • Drop and Spoil information inside the game.
  • Redesigned Map texture.
  • A brand new DPS Meter window.
  • A Party Matching feature, and much more!
  • Clan War system
    Innadril Team redesigned the Clan Interface in order to bring back classic Clan War system. The clans someone declared war against can use their clan information window to see the info about Clan Wars, like how many times their clan members were killed and the time of declining the challenge before the war has begun. War begins when the clan someone declared war against:
  • Accepted it by pressing a special button in their clan management menu,
  • Or kills 5 members of the clan which has declared the war.
    In the Collector system everything related to the costume system, you will be able to use it again. In addition, new mounts are added to the game. Also, four new instance zones are opened, which will provide mounts as loot from the bosses.

    It will also provide a new automatic quest system to be used by the raid group. Each group will be composed by a Tank, a Healer, and three DDs, and in the case one of these roles has to be searched for a very long time, it'll receive an additional reward.

    Players will be able to join the new activities through an automatic teleportation system. They will also count with an additional button for teleporting.

    Crystal Exchange System
    This system will be configured to work like Classic system. There is nothing to do with crystals on Essence, except for random crafting. The new system is also going to offer players the opportunity to get some L-Coins. In addition, you will also be able to obtain other rare items, with a low chance. In this system, only adena and crystals are used.

    Lineage II Essence, a PvP oriented game version!

    Retail server has showed us that just mentioning this game version is oriented to PvP is not enough, so we've polished the concept!
    Extensive Class Balance We want every class to be useful and enjoyable on Innadril. We've invested a huge amount of time not only balancing different classes and their skills, but also implementing their latest Class Reworks, in order to bring you the most fresh PvP content.
    Improved Mechanics Features such as Party Tokens, World Markers, DPS Meter, reduced cost on Resurrection and Share Location, and implementation of extensive Raid content, with Bosses oriented separately to big and small clans, are just some of the ingredients we've put to make PvPing on Innadril a unique experience.
    A mix of nostalgia and updated gameplay!

    As a long term project, we're going to offer you a high amount of content related to improving your character progression!
    Craft System Get resources, trade in the market and capture sources of the best items and resources. Resources are obtained when hunting mobs by Drop and Spoil, and items are created by Special Craft system. Huge opportunities to trade resources, equipment or valuable items.
    Solo and Party content Althought Essence being a solo-oriented game version, several instances, and gameplay content will be implemented in order to bring back the feeling of playing in a group and making friends ingame to progress faster and easier.