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Lineage II Improved The best of all chronicles
Over the past three years, we have been working behind the scenes on our 'Improved' concept. A mixture of all of the versions of the game using the latest game client and based on genuine PTS data.
We cannot wait for you to experience all that Improved has got to offer!
IMPROVED #1 stages and content
Release Date: 26.02.21
  • Maximum Level: 56
  • Simplified Class Change Quest
  • Enchanter System
  • Kamalokas
  • Clan Stronghold
  • New Area: Heine
  • Epic Bosses' Level: 55
  • Olympiad Level: 55
  • Innadril Castle Siege Available
  • A lot more!
Release Date: 22.03.21
    • Maximum Level: 66
    • Epic Bosses' Level: 65
    • Aden Castle Siege Available
    • New Area: Rune
    • Level 60-70 Daily Bosses
    • Solo Raid Bosses
    • Subclass System Available
    • A lot more!
Release Date: 12.04.21
  • Maximum Level: 76
  • Epic Bosses' Level: 74
  • New Area: Goddard
  • Rune Siege Available
  • Level 70-80 Daily Bosses
  • Nobless System Available
  • Reworked Imperial Tomb & Forge of the Gods
  • A lot more!
Release Date: 03.05.21
  • Maximum Level: 85
  • Epic Bosses' Level: 80
  • New Area: Hellbound
  • Attribute System Available
  • A lot more!
Our community hails from all over the world! Find friends to play with via our forum and prepare for the opening!
game client
Enjoy a modern gameplay without any critical errors
We have made numerous improvements to the latest game client, essentially rendering it the best client on the market!
Enchanter System
All buffers have been merged into one archetype. The party member limit has been reduced to 7.
Buffer classes have been simplified and are almost identical to each other. As such, we have introduced a 7-man party limit.
3 castles to conquer
Giran, Aden & Rune
We know that just one castle is not enough for competitive clans! Hence, we have added two more castles!
Solo Bosses
Taken from Essence
Having solo players in mind, we have implemented the solo bosses that are typically found in the Essence version of the game. Solo bosses can yield a plethora of great rewards!
Subclass & Nobless System
A blast from the past
The end-game is extended thanks to the implementation of the subclass system and the Noblesse Blessing will provide you with an additional edge in PvP.
Clan Stronghold
Inspired by Essence
Fight for the ownership of various landmarks on the map and unlock an XP bonus for yourself and your clan!
Pet System
"It's too dangerous to go alone!"
The world of Elmoreden can be a very hostile environment and sometimes it can be difficult to find a companion capable of assisting you in battle. That is unless the companion in question has a luxurious coat of shiny fur or a fluffy plumage!
Imperial Tomb & Forge of the Gods Gear Quests
Taken from Interlude
In order to facilitate the acquisition of gear, the 'Relics Of The Old Empire' and 'Gather the Flames' quests have been implemented. However, instead of S-Grade recipes, they will reward you with A-Grade ones.
Unique Wiki
Looking for information on our version of the game?
  • View all monsters in 3D!
  • Available in 5 languages
  • Comprehensive skill trees
  • Blazing fast
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Unique gameplay guides
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