Real-money Trading, as we all know, has always been an issue for all MMO games and over the years, has cemented its place in Lineage II. With RMT, many problems arise, not necessarily server-related issues, but issues that affect our players, the most latent of which being scams. Scams can take a significant toll on the support system. The investigation process usually yields no tangible results and it's generally very demanding and not very effective.

Based on data we have collected and the market's behavior, the best solution we could come up with is to incorporate this sort of 'parallel' business practice into our infrastructure. We provide a safe environment for it to happen.

We have implemented an system that enables you to sell and purchase items in exchange for Euro. This system is called 'Marketplace'.

Acquiring Euro

You will notice that the Marketplace uses the 'Euro' currency.
1 Euro equals 10 Master Account Balance. Euro is not a separate in-game item. Master Account Balance is automatically converted into Euro. You may top-up your Master Account Balance as follows:

  1. Log onto our Account Panel using your Master Account credentials
  2. Select the amount you want to top-up for Note: 10 Master Account Balance = 1 Euro

Spending Euro

The Marketplace can be accessed via 'Maneki Neko' in all major towns.

Selling for Euro

If you want to sell an item for Euro, speak to Maneki Neko, select the item you want to put up for sale, define its value, the quantity and... that's it! The item will be removed from your inventory and listed on the Marketplace. Once it has been sold, you will receive an in-game confirmation mail and the Euro will be automatically deposited to your account.

Adena Chests

In order to sell Adena on the Marketplace, you will need to convert it into Adena Chests which can be purchased from Maneki Neko:
Adena Chest Required Items
Adena Chest - 100,000 Adena 1,000,000 Adena
Adena Chest - 1,000,000 Adena 1,000,000 Adena
Adena Chest - 10,000,000 Adena 10,000,000 Adena
Adena Chest - 100,000,000 Adena 100,000,000 Adena

Withdrawing for Real-world Currency

For a specific commission fee, Euro can be converted to real-world currency and transferred to an E-wallet. In order to do so, you need to do the following:

  1. Speak with Maneki Neko in any major town
  2. Select the 'Submit a Withdrawal Request' chat option
  3. If this is your first time using the withdrawal service, the NPC will ask you to link a Two-factor Authenticator app to your account - this helps ensure transaction security!
  4. Select the E-wallet you would like to to receive the money on and the amount you want to withdraw
  5. Provide all necessary information and submit your request
NOTE: Depending on the E-wallet, your request may take up to 30 days to be processed and checked against our fraud prevention system.
    The commission fee is as follows:
  • All E-wallets - 40% commission

Our team monitors every transaction to prevent exploits and scams. We want to provide you with a server that is as friendly and fair as possible. We genuinely want to protect your money and the time that you invest in our project. Thank you for choosing Innadril!